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Holiday Giving Catalog

We need your help.


In the past year, the number of families walking through our doors for help has increased by over 100%. As economic uncertainty continues to linger, we will continue seeing more new families coming to us for basic necessities like fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, toilet paper, soap, and more.

Your gift today allows us to continue providing our neighbors with dignified access to food, hygiene, and household items that will help ensure they have resources each month to pay their rent and utilities.

Would you consider helping us fulfill our mission by selecting one of these gifts today?

The Gift of Fresh Food for a Neighbor

$25 helps provide dignified access to fresh food for a neighbor for a month

The Gift of Fresh Food for a Family

$50 helps provide dignified access to fresh foods for a family for a month

The Gift of Healthy Canned Goods

$150 helps stock our canned goods shelves for a week
Canned Food
Glass of Milk

The Gift of Fresh Milk

$350 helps fill our milk case for a week

The Gift of Fresh Produce

$750 helps fill our produce bins for a week

Thank you for your continued generosity!

As we approach 2023, we expect to see an increased demand in services. Your generous support ensures that our shelves will be stocked and our members will continue to have dignified access to fresh, wholesome foods and other essential items.

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