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School Kids

Why Lakeshore Food 4 Kids?

1 in 6 children in Mason County are food insecure, meaning they lack access to enough food to meet their basic needs.

Research shows that learners who come to school with a full belly are more focused and better able to learn, safeguarding a brighter future.
By removing a barrier to education, Lakeshore Food 4 Kids hopes to allow youth a greater chance for success.

Where does the food come from?

​Food is purchased from Feeding America, local stores, and other available community resources. Some food is donated by local farmers and other generous individuals, businesses, and groups.

Orchard Market Donation.jpg

What do food bags contain?

Each bag contains items similar to the meals a child would receive at school: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 snacks, two servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables.

Older students receive two additional dinner entrees. Typical items include non-perishable, nutritious food such as fruit cups, cereals, pastas, peanut butter, vegetables, snacks, and other easily prepared items. 

How do students sign up?

Each LASD student has an icon on his/her iPad to sign up with "LF4K" and our apple logo behind it. Parents/guardians and/or students may also contact a school counselor and request to participate or fill out a request here.

LF4K Apple Profile Picture3.png

Who runs LF4K?

Along with Lakeshore Food Club staff, several dedicated individuals and groups partner to run this program. They include LASD school counselors at all levels (with detailed coordination by Jennifer Shaw and Steve Hull), Mark Boon, LASD food service director Caryn Elam and staff, Community Schools Coordinator Becky Erickson, Lakeshore Food Club, LASD transportation staff, and the co-founders of LF4K.

Who packs the bags?

Each week during the school year, students and staff from the Trailblazers classroom partner with counselors, the Community Schools Coordinator, and other dedicated volunteers to pack bags. The Trailblazers group chooses to support the backpack program to broaden their employability skills, and their involvement serves as a class community service project. 

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