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Any Mason County household earning 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or below is eligible to become a member of the Lakeshore Food Club.  Households are classified as a single person or a group living as one unit for whom food is customarily purchased and shared.  For example, a husband and wife, domestic partners, or parents and children would be covered under the same membership. 

If you live outside the Lakeshore Food Club service area, or are unable to apply for membership at this time, please view our list of other area pantries and food resources. Please contact these agencies for program specifics. You may also call 211 or visit for a complete service directory.



  • Complete a Membership Application (a new application is required every 12 months)

  • Provide photo ID for all adults in the household

  • Provide proof of address or connection to Mason County, such as a utility bill or business mail dated within 30 days, or proof of Mason County employment or student enrollment

  • Provide proof of income eligibility such as Disability/Social Security or other benefits statement, income tax return for the most recently completed year, paycheck stub, unemployment statement, current SNAP or WIC Bridge Card verified via EBT hotline, free & reduced lunch letter from the current school year.

  • Pay 30-Day Membership Dues of $10 per household at the Food Club (cash only; we cannot accept other forms of payment). The membership fee must be paid for every 30 days a member wishes to shop.

  • As part of the membership agreement, members will complete a short survey at the first and sixth months of membership.

The membership fee covers a 30-day period.  Members can pre-pay for upcoming months. However, households cannot purchase 2 memberships to apply to the same month, or "double up" points.  Unused points do not roll into the next 30 days.  If a member runs out of points, no new points can be issued until the next month. 

Minors under 18 without a parent or guardian can be referred by a school counselor or Mason County Family Link team member.  Membership requirements will be waived. 

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