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12 Days of Giving: Day 1

This holiday season the Lakeshore Food Club is highlighting some of the most important areas of need with our 12 Days of Giving. Our Board, staff and member families are so grateful for the overwhelming support of the community. People often ask, "What can I do to help?" Follow along and learn how you can lend a helping hand and join LFC in promoting health, food security and dignity right here in Mason County!

Day 1: Ode to TP

Did you know: Food Club member households each receive 5 non-food items per 30-day membership period? Hands down, the most popular non-food item on the LFC shelves is toilet paper!

We all use it, and we all hate running out at an ... inopportune time! One of the Food Club's driving values is promoting dignity for those who are struggling financially. Having a ready supply of household necessities supports this value. If you or your group is interested in a simple gesture with big impact, consider donating toilet paper for Food Club members. See our complete "Wishlist" here.

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