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Big Love To Big Apple Bagels

David Kooi

Since the Lakeshore Food Club opened in October 2017, Big Apple Bagel has donated bagels and muffins to member families. On Tuesday mornings, a Food Club volunteer goes to Big Apple Bagel and picks up dozens of bagels and muffins that haven’t been sold the day before. Once back at the Food Club, the bagels and muffins are repacked for stocking the freezer shelves. This continues an eleven- year tradition of giving by Big Apple Bagel that started with donations to several food pantries in the greater Ludington area. Other food pantries not associated with the Lakeshore Food Club also benefit from this donation. Many, many thousands of bagels and muffins have been provided over the years. David Kooi, owner of Big Apple Bagel for all this time, says he “Loves to be able to give to the community members who need it. There are lots of needs right now and I’m glad I can help.”

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