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Day 10 | What SNAP Doesn't Buy

Many, not all, Lakeshore Food Club members receive SNAP benefits (Bridge Card, food assistance).

Critically, SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase personal care and household items such as dish and laundry soap, shampoo and body products, diapers, razors and feminine hygiene items.

Before the Food Club opened, pantry users in Mason County were surveyed, and one concern that came up again and again was access to personal and household items. Feeding America conducted national research on this topic, and the findings show that families often must compromise their well-being in order to meet these basic needs. And - according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2016 Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average US household spends around $60 a month on personal care items and services.

All of that to say that the non-food program at LFC is vital to our guiding principles of Love-Feed-Connect. Everyone deserves the opportunity to care for their body and home environment. If you agree, consider donating items to this important, less visible, part of the LFC mission. Donation ideas can be found on our Wishlist.


Lakeshore Food Club's 12 Days of Giving highlights the biggest wishes and needs for 2019 and beyond.

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