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Day 11 | Don't Be A Sad Cat

19 million people will celebrate a birthday today - and tomorrow and the next day. When it's your turn to mark another spin around the sun, what will you ask for? If you're like many of us who have plenty of 'stuff' why not DONATE your birthday to a great cause like Lakeshore Food Club?

"I should have donated my birthday to charity."

Fact: On your birthday, people will do things for you they won't do any other time of the year. We humbly suggest leveraging that goodwill to benefit others.

Want to get started? The simplest way to get your friends and family on board is with a Facebook fundraiser. Set up your fundraiser (make sure to choose Lakeshore Food Club) and watch your progress!

You can also link to our PayPal or take a less direct approach and simply tell people about LFC, a cause that's near and dear to your heart!


Lakeshore Food Club's 12 Days of Giving highlights the biggest wishes and needs for 2019 and beyond.

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