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Day 2: Fresh Greens (and Reds, Yellows, Blues ...)

According to the District Health Department #10 Food Systems Analysis (2016), more than 85% of adults and 65% of children in Mason County do not eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Oftentimes it is those with financial limitations who are most likely to cut healthier, more expensive items from their food budget.

At the Lakeshore Food Club we believe all people deserve access to high-quality, fresh, nutritious food options.

To that end we work with local farmers, gardeners and our national distributors to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables all year 'round. In the spring of 2018 we launched our "Grow A Row" project with the help of our partners at the Mason County Garden Club. This amazing community effort brought in more than 7,000 pounds of fresh produce during the growing season!

Do you have a green thumb? Consider planting an area to donate in 2019. Don't have a place to grow? Grab a friend or family member and U-pick fresh fruit to share or head to a farm or farm market and purchase fresh produce without having to get down in the dirt. Everyone wins when we share the amazing agricultural bounty of West Michigan!


Lakeshore Food Club's 12 Days of Giving highlights the biggest wishes and needs for 2019 and beyond.

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