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Day 5: This WILL Be on the Exam

Fun fact: A portion of Lakeshore Food Club's member fees goes toward funding educational programming. These classes and workshops center on food, cooking, nutrition, health, wellness, and financial literacy. Classes are offered free of charge for Food Club members, and community members are generally welcome to attend too if space allows.

Some of our favorite classes in 2018 included a hands-on series about cooking well on a budget and a class for young children that got them out in the dirt planting a garden.

2019 will see an increase in program offerings at LFC, starting with our January wellness series, "Make A Healthy Change."

Are YOU a certified or licensed expert?

Do you have a class or workshop idea that fits into the Food Club's programming focus? We'd love to hear from you and discuss ideas! Contact us to get the conversation started!


Lakeshore Food Club's 12 Days of Giving highlights the biggest wishes and needs for 2019 and beyond.

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