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Day 6: Lean, Mean PROTEIN

Regardless of diet fads that come and go, we all know that adequate protein is essential for a healthy body.

The Lakeshore Food Club has been greatly blessed with an amazing facility, complete with refrigerators and freezers. This allows us to store and stock perishable items such as yogurt, eggs, milk and meat - all excellent sources of protein. These items fly off the LFC shelves and often run out faster than supply chain and budget can keep up!

Making a donation of perishable items can be a bit tricky - items MUST be USDA-inspected and labeled, which means no backyard chicken eggs and no custom-processed meat. Also, items MUST be properly chilled to maintain the health and safety of all. If you are thinking of donating fresh or frozen meat, please contact the Food Club to be sure your donation complies with safety regulations.

These donations may come with a few extra hoops to jump through, but they make a HUGE impact on the lives of Food Club members, who often cite access to meat as one of the best parts of membership. If you have a passion for protein, other great donation options include: beans, peanut butter and canned meats.

Check out the Wishlist here for our complete donation guide.


Lakeshore Food Club's 12 Days of Giving highlights the biggest wishes and needs for 2019 and beyond.

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