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Meet Lyn & Bob

Since early fall last year, members are greeted with warm and welcoming smiles when Bob and Lyn Michels are volunteering! They regularly volunteer on Saturday mornings and fill in open slots when able. Lyn is part of the Food For Kids Thursday crew that packs weekend food bags for elementary school students in need during the school year.  Bob also volunteers on Mondays and picks up the Walmart donation on Fridays. They also helped collect, weigh and transport the food donations from the U.S. Postal Service during “Stamp Out Hunger” in May. Bob and Lyn enjoy their time at the Food Club commenting, “The dignity that we give to members is terrific! People work here for the right reasons.”

Lyn and Bob came to Ludington by way of L’Anse (population 2,800) in the UP. They ran a lumber business there for 40 years. Bob and Lyn were used to touring the shoreline of Lake Superior and ventured downstate to visit the Lake Michigan coast. Driving into Ludington they said it felt right to be here. They arrived for good last July. Bob and Lyn are one day closer now to their three children who reside in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Bob also volunteers at the seasonal homeless shelter, provides ministry to patients at Spectrum Hospital through St. Simon Church and recently signed up to assist at HELP Ministries.

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