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Meet Shelly & Michelle

Shelly and Michelle have been volunteering at Lakeshore Food Club for over a year. They heard about the Food Club on the radio, were impressed, and felt they could offer their time to help families in Mason County. Shelly and Michelle have taken one of the hardest volunteer shifts to fill, Friday afternoons from 3 – 5 p.m. They also volunteer at other times when needed, and participated in the Grow A Row program this summer, growing eggplant for member families.

Shelly and Michelle have been living in Ludington for the past three years, moving from Kalamazoo where they had resided for 20 years. Shelly was raised in Ludington, and they came back to help care for her 90-year-old mother.

The ladies run “Junque Girls” where they buy, fix, and flip items they acquire - then sell items through their Facebook page, at barn sales and at Sunset Bay. And they have been “flipping” well before it was popular on TV!

Michelle and Shelly say that volunteering at the Food Club has put things in perspective and that they feel they are doing something worthwhile by lending a hand. “Sarah and Kate are awesome and do a great job. Everyone we work with has been super!”

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