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Meet Shirley!

Members and fellow volunteers are greeted with a warm smile on Tuesday mornings by Shirley Woirol. She has officially been volunteering at the Food Club since the doors opened, but in reality began volunteering before the Food Club was even built. As part of her involvement with St. Paul United Methodist Church, she and her pastor at the time worked with the committee planning for the development of the Food Club. Shirley was part of a group that visited food pantries in Traverse City, Fremont and Grand Rapids to gather data and best practices for use in the creation of the Lakeshore Food Club.

At LFC Shirley is part of the team that accepts and processes major deliveries. The food products are inventoried, stored on the shelving and in the refrigerator and freezer, and stocked in the pantry – all before members start shopping at 11 a.m.  Shirley then works in the store at checkout. She says she really enjoys the members, volunteers and staff, and “feels good when I leave. This is a happy place, even when I am tired!”

Shirley serves on the Spectrum Health Ludington Foundation Board of Directors. She also volunteers with the ROMEO Red Cross Blood Drives and transports cancer patients to Reed City for radiation treatments with the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program. Shirley is a lifelong Ludington resident. She and her husband Terry are nearly done building a beautiful home in Riverton Township. Shirley has one daughter and granddaughter.

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