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Reading & Recycling with Jacquie

Meet Jacquie Gerould. LFC volunteers see Jacquie in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at special events. She volunteers to assist members directly and helps in other important ways.

Jacquie is our recycle guru. She takes all the accumulated plastic to Walmart and Meijer to recycle. Jacquie is also the Food Club liaison with Power! Book Bags. She cleans and stamps books, helps fill hundred of cloth bags for children to take and makes sure the book corner is stocked. In addition, on Thursdays, Jacquie is one of the volunteers who organizes food items and helps pack nearly 100 bags for the Lakeshore Food 4 Kids backpack program, providing food-insecure students food for weekends.

Jacquie’s passion for children and families at LFC continues a long tradition of caring she expressed throughout her career. She was an educator for over 40 years, including over 35 years in Reed City where she taught at the elementary school, primarily third grade. Jacquie also volunteered in the recycling program in Osceola County, where she gained her extensive knowledge of recycling. Jacquie is the proud grandmother of seven; four residing in Michigan, three in North Carolina.

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